miokins a bot by Mio (based on PHP-IRC) Mio-Stats

miokins is a bot i've been toying around with to learn PHP. She has a few functions which come in particular use though.

Note: This command list hasn't been fully updated with all of miokin's commands, but it has the majority of them.

Command List: Note: New commands are highlighted in yellow


- Informative Commands

`define Uses Google to define a word or phrase (specify `d2 to return 2 results) `define irc
`google Searches Google for your query (specify `g2 to return 2 results) `g freenode rules
`image Searches Google Images for your query `image megan fox
`video Searches YouTube for your query and returns the first result `video little superstar
`calc Uses Google to calculate an expression `c (7^3)+(8*(sin 20 radians))
`weather Uses Google to find the weather in a certain place `w new york
`time Uses Google to find the time in a certain place `t new york
`ub Searches UrbanDictionary for your query `ub irc
`ahk Searches AutoHotkey's documentation and forums for your query `ahk gui
`help Shows a help message `help
`hi Get a welcome message from miokins `hi or `hello or `yo or hi miokins

- Fun Commands

`pats (/me pats miokins) Pat miokins `pats or /me pats miokins
`asl Learn some personal details about miokins `asl or miokins asl
`barnacles miokins wouldn't appreciate it if you wouldn't say this... `barnacles or miokins barnacles
`fml Displays the latest post from FML (optional: specify a category/post number) `fml or `fml 3262847 or `fml love
`mio Guess a number between 1 and 5. If miokins rolls your number, you win! `mio 3
`miostats Shows Mio-Stats for you or another user `miostats or `miostats User
`mioset Transform your mios into something different `mioset yui

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